Broken Straw, Broken hearts

We’ve been working really hard on a couple of issues with Ben. First, he gets up almost every school morning just fine, but as the time to leave comes closer he gets more and more sad. By the time we have to be out the door, he is usually crying and asking why he has to go to school? To be sure, he’s fine once we get to the classroom, but until he walks through that door he’s very sad and says over and again, “I’m going to miss you so much, today.”

The second issue is that he still climbs into bed with us. I don’t mind on nights when Cami works, but on other nights, it’s quite a pain in the queen sized bed. Plus he snores and insists on sleeping sideways.

So we hit upon a plan to encourage him to not do either, that involves a chart with stars and earning Robuck$ for his game. At school he’s been determined to “Click Up” and get tickets which can be redeemed for small prizes. On Friday, he hit the jackpot when he slept in his bed all night, didn’t cry at all and got a ticket at school for which he picked out a silly straw.

imageOne of the things they never teach you is how to handle a child’s broken hearted disappointment. As we arrived home, proud and happy, the silly straw broke in half.

Ben was devastated and crying and sad beyond belief. Cami and I took turns holding him and trying to comfort him. Normally I would have just gone to the Dollar Store and got another one, but on this day, our street is closed for repaving, and we were literally the last ones they allowed to pull into our driveway before closing it all off.

I rarely have felt as helpless or sad for another person. I didn’t know what to say or what to even do to comfort him. So we all stood there for a few minutes while Ben cried and we tried to think of something, anything, to get his mind off of a broken pink silly straw.

They don’t teach that, not that I would have paid any attention in the class on being a Dad anyway.

Ben: (still sniffling) Dad, can I play Roblox now?

Me: Sure, buddy.

Ben: In Roblox I can make my own silly straw. And if it gets broken, I’ll just make another one.


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