One of the the character traits Ben has that I love is his sense of empathy. He can put himself in almost anybody else’s shoes. So, he was watching Homeward Bound: The NoboIncredible Journey, a story of three pets who decide to find their way back home. There is a scene in which a man living in the forest wants to have pets, but they are determined to push on to San Francisco and find their owner.

Ben came running into my office in tears, barely able to speak:

Dad: I feel so sad for the man in the forest. He wants to have a pet, but they didn’t want to stay with him. Now he’s lonely and all by himself!

Me: It’s okay, buddy. Sometimes life isn’t really fair. Remember, we had to give Jack away.

Ben: But he’s going to be very lonely. You have me, but he doesn’t even have a pet to make him happy. He’s so lonely! Everybody should have a pet!

So… if you don’t have a pet, Ben would like for you to go and get one. Then you won’t be lonely.


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