Ben is fascinated, like most little boys these days, with Minecraft and Roblox. More so, he loves the YouTube videos that relate to the games, and he is particularly a fan of the You IMG_1306Tubers, DanTDM, Ali-A and the Legends of Gaming. So much so, that he even created his own logo. (In fact, for Father’s Day, he wrote a book for me in which he and Ali-A battle to the death.)

Last week, he demanded that I help him to start making his own videos, so that he too, can be a You Tuber. So… I let him make some videos. His “handle” is BenLove25, and his videos are what he thinks are the bees knees, are about what you would expect from a six year old who makes me leave the room every time he records.

Before you tell me that he’s brilliant or creative or become amazed that a small boy can play computer games that I can’t even get to load, keep in mind one fact:

In every one of these videos, he is wearing his underwear on backwards and inside out.


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