T-Rex Trying

Ben: Look, I’m a T-Rex! (arms pulled up to the elbows into his shirt) Me: Stop mocking me. Ben: Dad, please don’t be mocked when I am making fun of you…

The Lessons of Life

Ben: Dad, I hate school, but I just pretend to like it and go anyway. Me: Well.. you’ve basically learned everything that school can teach you then…


Ben: Killer Whales are very intelligent, but we are smarter. We have been to the moon. Cami: Killer Whales have even been on Star Trek! Me: No, they haven’t. Cami: Yes, in the movie… Me: Those were Humpback Whales. Cami: Why would they be Humpbacks? Me: Are you seriously questioning my Star Trek knowledge? Ben:…


Mom: Your Dad is a mollusk Ben: No he’s not! Mom: Yes, he is! Ben: He doesn’t have a hard shell, so he cannot be a mollusk. Mom: He’s a cuttlefish.

The Bed Discussion

Mom: You are NOT sleeping in our bed tonight. Ben: But sleeping on the floor is bad for me. It could throw my back out. It’s happened once before and it was bad.


Tonight Ben performed his first Recorder Concert. The critics were impressed by his delivery and the range of his performance.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Ben: Hey Dad, do you want this Ice Cream sandwich? Me: I think so Ben: TROLLED YOU! It’s Play-do!