Epic Eggs

Ben: Dad I do a great job at making eggs! Me: Are you sure that it was a great job? What if it was just a good job? Ben: It was an EPIC job! Mom: Don’t discourage him. Ben Yeah, Dad, don’t discourage me!     Advertisements

Change the Combination On My Luggage!

Ben: Dad, when I get my own computer, I am going to have a super secret password that I will not tell anybody except you. Me: Cool. What’s the password? Ben: Don’t tell anybody. Not even Mom! Me: Okay Ben. The password is… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5 Me: That’s amazing! I have the same…

Doing Science

Strange sounds are emanating from the bathroom… Me: Ben, what are you doing in there? Ben: Dad! I’m doing science. Don’t mess me up! (pause) Ben: Oh no!

Dr. Ben

Ben: Dad, I’m sorry I overslept Me: You didn’t, you’re up fifteen minutes early Ben: That’s because my nose is all stuffed up Me: You know what works for me? Jumping up and down and running around. Ben: Nah, I just need some Zyrtec.

Love, Minecraft Style

Ben: Dad, I love you! Do you know how much? Me: A lot? Ben: I love you so much that I would never drop you into a lava lake.  

Science Teacher

I overheard Ben talking to somebody this morning in the den as I was working in the kitchen: Ben: No, you’re wrong. The Black Holes suck you in. The White Holes will spit you out on the other side of the universe. You cannot escape from a Black Hole, but you can get away from…

Birthday Blessings

Ben: Happy Birthday, Dad! You’re 53! Me: Thanks! You know what the best six years of it was? Ben: You’re so old…

I’m Not Raising An Einstein

Ben: Eeewww! Dad, there’s poop on the floor! Me: (Confused because there’s no reason for poop to be on the floor) What???? Ben: There’s poop on the floor under my chair. I don’t know how it got there! Me: (as he runs to the bathroom) Are you sure? I cleaned it up, and a few…

Apparently I’m Raising Gollum…

File this under “Things I Did Not Know Ben Knew Anything About:” Ben: Dad, can you get me two waffles with butter? Me: Coming right up! Ben: Did you know that I like having two breakfasts? Me: That’s because you are a hobbit! Ben: I AM NOT A HOBBIT! Hobbits are nasty! They took my…

Language Arts

Ben: Dad, when I was in Kindergarten, could I say, “Dang it?” Me: No, you couldn’t. Ben: Well, now that I am six and in first grade, I can say “Dang it!”

A Rose By Any Other Name

Ben: Dad, nothing’s been sprayed today, but the den smells great! Me: Okay… Ben: Yep, it smells like me. And I smell great today!  


Ben is fascinated, like most little boys these days, with Minecraft and Roblox. More so, he loves the YouTube videos that relate to the games, and he is particularly a fan of the You Tubers, DanTDM, Ali-A and the Legends of Gaming. So much so, that he even created his own logo. (In fact, for…